What exactly is sudden hair Loss and Why Does it happen?

What exactly is sudden hair Loss and Why Does it happen?

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What we know as “sudden hair loss” is a disturbance in the cycle of hair growth where hair shedding becomesexceedingly fast. For the majority of folks, the usual rate of hair loss is somewhere between 80 to 100 hairs a day; however, for people who happen to be afflicted with sudden hair loss, that number will exceptionally increase over a very short amount of time.

  • This type of hair loss can turn out to be a temporary condition, as in telogen effluvium, or a much more severe condition, such as alopecia

Anyone who happens to experience sudden hair loss knows that it can occur on various parts of the body, even though the hair loss is more profound on the scalp.

The Stress Factor

Telogen effluvium is temporary and might have beenbrought about by severe stress. When some folks happen to suffer from stress, a somewhat large volume of hair is stopped from growing and goes over to the resting stage of the hair growth cycle, known as the “telogen”. (That same hair will sooner or later fall from the scalp)

  • Also, regarding stress, telogen effluvium may be caused by things such as giving birth, major surgery, and the use of chemotherapy

A number of telogen effluvium sufferers will be in no need of any treatment and their hair loss will slowly decrease over a time period of around six to nine months (And any shed hair will be replaced with new strands)

Other Causes

Cases of sudden hair loss can also be caused by various skin conditions.

  • Different fungal infections, such as ringworm, or bacterial infections caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa or Staphylococcus aureus can all help to inflame the skin creatinghair loss. (Such conditions can be managed and treated)

The Case of No Cure

Alopecia, unfortunately,is incurable and more than often results in permanent hair loss. Some of the types of alopecia include alopecia universalis, alopecia totalis, and alopecia areata. Alopecia universalis causes a person to totally lose his or her hair over the entire body.

Someone who happens to suffer from balding which has come about as a result of an incurable alopecia ailment can resort to cosmetic surgery solutions in hiding the bald spots and should research hair transplant reviews. There’s also the time honoured tradition of wearing a wig or a hair piece, of which more than a few people out there are sporting these days.

Various Treatments

Treatment for sudden hair loss which are deemed temporary can differ according to what the cause of the problem was in the first place. Ifthe loss of hair happened to be brought on by matters of stress, then more relaxation, some physical exercise, and a healthier smarter diet can help to resolve the issue.

And whilst the majority of people who suffer from alopecia will find no known cure, there are steroid injections, which can be provided for anyone suffering from alopecia areata.