Using A Knee Compression Sleeve For Pain Relief And Comfort

Using A Knee Compression Sleeve For Pain Relief And Comfort

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Running, basketball, and weightlifting can exert considerable strain on your knees. Most physical activities impact the knees, although effects can be more serious with high-impact sports and games. While there’s no sure shot way of preventing injuries, you can certainly reduce the frequency to a good extent by wearing knee sleeves. A knee compression sleeve is designed to offer support to the knees, so as to prevent injuries and heal faster.

The key facts

Most people confuse knee compression sleeves with knee braces. The latter is meant for existing or previous injury and helps in protecting the knee against further strains and pains. On the other hand, knee sleeves are meant to protect the knees and offer an adequate amount of compression. The compression helps in regulating the temperature of the area, which helps in dealing with swelling and pain, while the improvement in blood circulation aids in speedy recovery from injuries.

Other things

Knee sleeves offer natural pain relief, especially if you are into heavy lifting or physical work that involves your knee. However, sleeves don’t correct your form of training technique automatically. It’s a myth that wearing sleeves will ensure correct form and posture while exercising. Most of the knee injuries are related to training mistakes, which must be corrected at the right time. If you have mild pain or muscle cramps, sleeves can help in offering warmth and compression, which will help in dealing with the physical exertion around the area.

Where to buy?

Knee sleeves come in all sorts of colors and styles, but you need something that’s made from quality material/fabric. The knees and surrounding region are prone to sweating and frequent movements, and hence, the material quality determines the overall life of the product. Look for a brand that makes knee sleeves with natural materials, which are great for the skin and easy to wear, as well. The product should be moisture resistant and hypoallergenic too. Knee sleeves may need replacement after a year or so, but if you choose a known and reliable brand, you can expect the product to last for at least two to three years. Keep in mind that fabric care is extremely important, and for that, you must follow the wash and care instructions as mentioned on the label or manual.

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