Types of Storage Facilities to Choose From

Types of Storage Facilities to Choose From

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Storage facilities don’t all look the same. There are different types for you to choose from. It is extremely important that you understand what the types of storage facilities are and how you can make the most out of them.

  1. Types by location

There are two types of storage facilities in terms of location. The first one is more common – an indoor storage facility. This is where you have to go inside a big building with several storage units. There is a common hallway where you can pass along. Storage units are usually around 5 x 5 feet to 10 x 30 feet. You can choose one depending on your needs. Smaller ones are perfect for papers and smaller items while the bigger ones are for appliances, furniture and other huge items

The other type is an outdoor storage facility. It is normally reserved for larger vehicles. While you are away, you can keep your vehicle there for maximum protection. You can also do the same for vehicles that are not in use for a long time, like boats. Outdoor facilities are usually big. They are also more expensive. The best part is that storing and retrieving vehicles is very easy.

  1. Types by length of time

The length of time for which you will rent the facility is also an important consideration. Long-term facilities are perfect for items that are meant to last for a long time. Appliances and furniture are the best examples. Those that have expiration dates or will rot easily are not good for this type of storage facility. Usually, long-term contracts are cheaper since they are for a year, or longer. Just make sure you really need the facility over that long period of time.

The other type is a short-term storage facility. This is just for items that you know will be retrieved soon. For instance, if you have vehicles that need to be kept while you are away, you can use it. The same thing is true for items that you have to store temporarily while you still have no space at home. For those who have just moved to a new place, this is the best type of storage facility to rent. You will pay more, but you know you won’t use it for a long time anyway.

Regardless of the type of storage facility that you need, you can check out Gloucester self storage. The process will be a lot easier if you partner with the right people for the job. They will give you the best facility to make you feel more confident about leaving your precious items with them.

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