To 5 Warning Signs of a Commercial Property Pest Infestation

To 5 Warning Signs of a Commercial Property Pest Infestation

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Generally, when it comes to dealing with commercial property pest infestations discreetly and effectively, timely intervention is key. Regardless of whether you are battling with stored product pests or rodents, the earlier you hire an expert in Detroit pest control to address the infestation, the higher the chances of eliminating the pest issue. Here are the five most common warning signs of a commercial property pest infestation.

1. Pest droppings

According to most pest exterminators, pest droppings are a classic sign of a pest infestation in your office or other commercial spaces. Therefore, it is recommended to check your establishment regularly and find out if there are urine trails and fecal droppings.

Keep in mind that while mice or rat waste might be easy to spot, droppings from smaller bugs like bed bugs might be harder to identify. Thus, professional pest inspection in your property is essential. Sometimes, you can instruct your office staff, particularly cleaning and housekeeping staff in hospitality facilities to carefully examine all pieces of furniture, bedding, walls, and floors for evidence of pest waste.

2. Nesting evidence

Rodents love making nests out of whatever they can find. Don’t be surprised that they can use grass leaves and clippings or even shredded paper to make their nests. Often, they nest in discreet places like between walls or underneath the flooring. Therefore, performing regular and thorough inspections for evidence of nesting is very important.

3. Grease tracks and grease marks

Always remember that grease tracks and grease marks can be a warning sign of pest infestation in your commercial space. This is because rats and mice tend to travel via the same paths, and that leaves a tell-tale grease trail or mark. Typically, rats often run along walls, and this will always leave some dark grease marks wherever they go.

4. Structural damage

Holes, gnaw marks, and other forms of physical damage to your commercial property is a clear indication that there are pests inside the building. Rats, mice, and other rodents love to chew, and thus, gnaw marks on wiring or pieces of furniture are a red flag. Tiny holes on walls or floors are also a clear indication of a pest infestation.

It is also recommended to look out for damaged wooden structures including outdoor and indoor wooden structures. Always remember that this is a major sign of termite and probably other pest infestations. In case you notice unexplained structural damage, it is recommended to contact an expert in pest control immediately.

5. Damaged plants

It is also wise to keep an eye out for bug trails and to gnaw on the edges of your outdoor garden plants. Dead patches, uneven grass length, and other damaged patches of your lawn could be an indicator of a pest infestation. In case you realize that your lawn is showing signs of a pest infestation, look out for voles, crickets, moles, grubs, beetles, flies, chinch bugs, and other insects.

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