The Ultimate Swimming Pool Substitute

The Ultimate Swimming Pool Substitute

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While we would all love an Olympic size pool in our garden, either space or money, or possibly both say otherwise, but with the latest generation of spas, you can have a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a health tub, all in one. The unique design allows you to swim against the current of hot water, and with many other activities, this is a very healthy alternative to a regular pool.

A Range of Models

With seating moulded into the unit, the whole family can relax and enjoy the soothing effects of the hot tub, and with customised solutions, you can have the design as you wish. A quality swimspa would cost far less that a swimming pool, and with lower running costs and the added benefits of having a hot tub, it makes for an attractive alternative to a small pool. There are even portable units that can be wheeled into position, or you can have the spa set into a pool deck, which is the preferred method of installation for many home owners.

A Fitness Aide

A swimspa can really help a person attain a high level of fitness, and if your family has an active lifestyle, this would be the ideal home improvement. With so many designs and accessories, you can select something that is best suited to your family’s needs. Many top level sports people swear by swimspas, and with the right program, your muscle build and fitness levels can be raised.

Great Therapy

Injured or tired muscles can be revitalised with an hour long session sitting in a hot tub, and top physiotherapists recommend spa treatment for many common sporting injuries. If you have just finished a marathon session at work, there’s no better way to relieve the tension that a soak in the spa, and with fine control, you can create the ideal water temperature and movement.

A Family Activity

Many families are pleased to see that having a spa at home gives the family a chance to spend some quality time together, and soaking in the hot tub often replaces watching TV, or other indoor activities we normally pursue. Children benefit greatly from the exercise, and when your parents come over, they can also enjoy a soothing soak in the spa.

Online Solutions

If you are already convinced and would like to look at the options for having a swimspa installed, there are online companies that specialise in the supply and installation of the very latest units, and with such a wide range of models, there will be something just right for you and your family.

Add Value to your Property

Having your won swimspa automatically puts your home on the desirable residence list and the value will increase significantly, which means the spa is not just a place for rest and revitalising, it is also a sound economic investment, and should you ever want to relocate, finding a buyer will be easy.

Modern swimspas are designed for a range of activities, whether it be swimming or just relaxing in the soothing jets of hot water, and with the right lighting and surrounds, your new spa will be an attractive addition to the home.