The Secret to Kid’s Dental Health

The Secret to Kid’s Dental Health

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Sitting down with a dentist is never something that any of us love to do, but we all know we need to make it a habit. Getting your kids to go to the dentist is even harder. But while your kids may not have any say over those annual trips to a smart dentist like the one you will find at they can get started on a few healthy habits, that you help them with along the way.

If you are like me, you want to be sure your kids are healthy, but you may not be sure what the right thing is to do to help them. Do I know if brushing three times a day is right for really little kids? Should they even be using toothpaste when it is still just baby teeth? At what age do I introduce them to flossing? How often should any of us floss?

All of these are great questions and perfectly legitimate ones for any parent. Here are some good answers from a few family dentists we spoke to recently to help you find some good solutions to your own kid’s dental health.

It Is Never Too Early for Fluoride

There was a time when we were concerned that kids could get sick from swallowing fluoride and so many dentists recommended against using it for small children. But the old concerns have proven to be groundless and today we see many dentists telling parents to get their kids started on fluoride toothpaste as young as two. This is because tooth decay is rampant today and with the increased amount of sugar many kids consume we know that they need that extra protection.

Dental Appointments Often and Early

If you are wondering how young is too young for the dentist, be prepared for any age. If you child has a few teeth, then those teeth need care. Many dentists that once advocated waiting until they started school are now saying that with dental problems showing up by the time many kids are only three or four, we need to get them into that dentist chair as young as three.

If not sooner. If your kids have a good habit of brushing regularly and eat healthy, then the trip to the dentist will be a quick one to ensure no cavities have snuck up on you. Better than waiting and finding out they need extensive care.

Brushing is a Habit to Learn

Speaking of brushing, getting your kids to brush after every time they eat anything is a good habit to start young. The sooner you get those kids up at the sink brushing, and flossing, the sooner they will simply know that this is what you do after you eat. With today’s snacking world of sweet foods, we need to get this habit ingrained in them before they head off to preschool and other places where snacks are simply part of the day.

Give your kids these simple steps to keeping a healthy attitude towards brushing, flossing and visits to the dentists, and you will be half way there to good dental habits. While our kids may not always listen to us, starting them off with the right attitude goes a long way to creating those ingrained habits that will see them through the rebellious years and into adulthood.