The Pros and Cons of Taking Over The Counter Phentermine

The Pros and Cons of Taking Over The Counter Phentermine

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Diets pills have now become a popular option for those who want to lose some weight without extreme exercises and diets. While there is an abundance of their benefits, it’s still crucial to investigate whether they have any downside. Therefore, before purchasing any diet pill, one must know the advantages and disadvantages of taking it.

Advantages of over the counter phentermine alternative

There are certain types of weight loss pills that are only available by prescription from a doctor, so over the counter phentermine pills are a good alternative choice for those who just want to lose some weight.

More flexibility and versatility

The first advantage is that when you decide to use over the counter phentermine alternative, it works as an appetite suppressant so that you can have full control on your daily dose. At the same time, over the counter phentermine alternative gives you the assistance you need to boost your metabolism more naturally. In other words, these pills do a lot more than just helping you to lose weight. Their effects, instead, can promote the overall fitness of your body.

Less exposure to side effects

Secondly, it has less negative effects on the body than other prescribed pills. The reason is that these diet pills have the nature of the supplement. While Phentermine is noted to be not advisable to use in a long term; over the counter phentermine, on the other hand, is much safer. Normally, dieters can take these pills for more than 3 months. Still, it highly recommends that users do not exceed the daily dosages of the drugs.

Higher affordability

Thirdly, it’s cheaper and therefore more affordable for customers who want to lose weight fast and achieve the weight goal.  Also for this reason, over the counter phentermine is much more popular than the prescription one. People are undoubtedly more willing to pay for the product that is both more high-value and cost-effective.

Disadvantages of over the counter phentermine alternative

Clinical research instead of FDA approval

As most of the over the counter Phentermine pills work as supplement, they don’t need the approval from FDA. A medicine gains this approval must go through a lot of trials and tests.

Meanwhile, evidence to support the efficiency of over the counter phentermine seems lacking. Only the high-quality pills with long-lasting reputation come with thorough clinical research to back up their performance and safety.

The result may vary

Depending on the commitment of the pill takers and their own natural proposition, the result may vary. However, even the prescription Phentermine comes with no guarantee for the result. Thus, the takers should put this fact under serious consideration before using the pills.


Even though over the counter Phetermine can be a good choice for the dieters, it’s crucial to prepare the cons. One taking these pills should not over expect the results. Instead, the combination of committing to the pill plan and regular light exercise will give you the optimum result.


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