The Most Common Dental Problems that Most of the Patient’s Face

The Most Common Dental Problems that Most of the Patient’s Face

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There are dental problems of various degrees that a patient can experience. No matter how minimal the dental problem is, it should not be ignored. Bad breath and sensitivity of the tooth might seem like problems that you can ignore.

  But, these are symptoms of a bigger problem. It is only a way body shows symptom that there could be underlying trouble. Popping jaws, crooked teeth, bleeding gums are one of one of the most common problems that need thorough examination.

Dental problems can lead to many issues

Snoring is related to a dental problem and an ailment called sleep apnea. Though, a dentist is the most feared professional in the medical profession, taking care of your teeth can give you lesser problems. Regular flossing is a good habit to inculcate to avoid dental problems. Check if your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold foods.

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common problems, which is often ignored. Brush your teeth, before hitting the bed. These are simple dental habits that can avoid visits to the dentist.

Simple to severe dental problems

  • Mouth sores, canker sores, herpes, bleeding teeth, are severe problems.
  • Cavities and gum disease are also problems that need treatment.
  • Oral cancer symptoms must never be overlooked.
  • They can spread to other teeth and this leads to the removal of many teeth.
  • Avoid grinding of teeth as it makes the level of the teeth flat.
  • Grinding of teeth can also lead to problems in jaw.

  • Tooth erosion is caused when the stomach acids flush the enamel of the tooth.
  • Toothaches could be caused due to umpteen reasons.
  • Teeth coloration can be caused due to heavy intake of coffee and wine.
  • Smoking tobacco can also lead to discoloration of the teeth and lead to oral cancer.
  • Wisdom teeth can be painful and can be removed through surgery.

Do not fear dentist visits

A visit to the dentist can be daunting. You must, however, visit the dentist and share all of your fears. You can take an appointment to meet a dentist in Tenleytown D.C. Do not avoid treatments due to dental anxieties. You must choose a dentist who can calm your fears and address all of your problems.

Clean your tongue

You must take care of oral hygiene before you visit a dentist in Tenleytown D.C. Cleaning your tongue daily can prevent bacteria and also bad breath. A visit to the dentist in NW Washington DC every 6 months for maintenance of tooth and oral health is a must.


Do not ignore dental problems assuming they will go away. Use mouth guards and take care of your dental health, before it leads to bigger problems.