Taking the First Step in Enjoying a New Shower

Taking the First Step in Enjoying a New Shower

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The modern shower stall is no longer the old bathtub with a curtain. Today’s stalls are elegant glass enclosures which are built separate from the rest of the bathroom, or are installed as a separate unit.

The concept of a shower in a box is not new. What is new is that the box looks clean, and has a lot of space. The space it occupies is actually much smaller than old shower stalls with the obligatory shower curtain. Typically, the new shower units are about half the size of the old shower stalls. Another innovation is the use of glass enclosures. This helps keep the illusion of more space in the bathroom.

If you want to renovate your bathroom, or you just want to make it a lot easier to clean, you should choose a shower enclosure. These units can be bought as is, and then installed in place. There is some work which need to be done, of course. This includes waterproofing the floor and the walls prior to installing the unit. There is also the plumbing, where the shower fixtures are connected to the bathroom’s plumbing.

It is relatively easy to install. Compared to a complete do-over of the bathroom, or when putting up a new stall from scratch, a shower enclosure is faster to install. Most models even have their own built-in water heater. If you want a fancy model, there are those with shower seats and multiple shower jets. These features just add a little bit to the price, but offer a lot of convenience.

Getting a new shower for your bathroom is not a trivial thing, however. You should have a good idea of the layout you want. You should also carefully measure the space in the bathroom. Among the decisions you have to make, you also have to choose where to situate the stall. This will give you an idea of how many walls will have to be waterproofed. It will also give you an idea of the type of door you want or you can choose from. Further, you might want to take a good look at whether you want a sloping front (called the quadrant) or a squarish design.

The sales person will be able to help you with this. But you can start the work with a measuring tape in hand. This is the most important tool that you should be using. You should not decide to buy until you have measured your bathroom space. Typically, the measurements give you an idea of how much space you can have inside the stall. When you are faced with the actual unit, you can step inside and see if it is the exact space you envisioned.

A new shower can be a big investment in time and resources. However, the convenience and the enjoyment you get from a good shower will be a welcome surprise.

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