Some important points regarding DecaDurabolin

Some important points regarding DecaDurabolin

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If you are interested in bodybuilding, then you must be aware of the different ways through which you can enhance your body structure as well as health. If you want to designate a proper shape to your body, then there are two ways available for you. Either you go for a proper exercise regimen that will be apt for your body or you can go for synthetic anabolic drugs especially if you want faster results.

One such anabolic drug that can be used for enhancement of body structure is DecaDurabolin. The chemical name of the compound is NandroloneDecanoate. The 10-carbon group provides extra stability to the structure of the drug. The drug is administered at various concentrations according to the need of the body. However, a dosage of deca durabolin 300 mg/ml has been found to be most popular amongst the users. This drug at this particular concentration has been found to rank second amongst the professional bodybuilders and athletes, after Dianabol.

Medicinal Value and usage of DecaDurabolin

When it was first introduced into the market, Deca was primarily manufactured for medical use. Since this particular drug leads to the production of lean muscle mass, it was primarily used for the treatment of muscle atrophy related disorders, osteoporosis, weight loss, advanced breast cancer etc. It was also used to treat congenital conditions like stunted development and retarded growth in children as well as inductive effects of burns, ulcers, anemia and other diseases. The initial recommended concentration of this drug was 50 mg/ml, which was later increased to 200 mg/ml. However, repeated misuse of the drug lead to the discontinuation of its use for the medicinal purpose by the FDA in the 1970s.

How do DecaDurabolin functions in the body?

DecaDurabolin is an injectable anabolic steroid. After being injected into the body, the 10-carbon chain ensures a slower release of the drug into the body, which effectively extends the half-life of the drug in the body. The endogenous enzymes of the body get rid of the attached ester from the Nandrolone backbone resulting in the release of the hormone nandrolone into the body to exert its functions.

In the body, the nandrolone is converted into Dihydronandrolone which proves to be a much less potent androgen. The drug also possesses highly insignificant estrogenic activity; it binds the aromatase enzyme in an insignificant manner. The aromatase enzyme converts androgens into estrogens.

Similarity with that of Testosterone

Being an androgenic hormone, DecaDurabolin shares a similarity in structure and function with that of testosterone. However, the only difference that Nandrolone has with testosterone lies in the 19th Carbon in the chain. This results in a weaker effect of the testosterone hormone compared to that of Nandrolone.

These are some information associated with DecaDurabolin. If you wish to take the drug, then it is advisable for you to opt for the dosage of DecaDurabolin 300 mg/ml as it is considered as the ideal one so far. This will help you in obtaining a stronger and fitter body in the near future.

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