Save Your Skin: Effective Options for Naturally Eliminating Mosquitoes

Save Your Skin: Effective Options for Naturally Eliminating Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are not only bothersome because of the itchy sores they leave on the skin but they can also be dangerous. Carrying a wide variety of diseases, it’s easy to see why fighting off these insects is so important for most people today. While there are a wide variety of products that can help, the unfortunate reality is that these can be ineffective as well as dangerous. If you’re looking to take a more natural approach, those listed below are some of the best ways to naturally get rid of mosquitoes.

1. Introduce Plants to Your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you’ll want to equip it with mosquito-fighting plants. Those that are the most effective at this in particular include lemon balm, catnip, basil, and lemongrass.

2. Create a DIY Backyard Spray

Mix together water, 20 drops of lavender oil, 4 tbsp vanilla extract, and 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice and place in a spray bottle. When you go outside, spray this around the space you’re in and it will help protect you from mosquitoes.

3. Call a Professional

While there are many DIY ways to keep mosquitoes at bay, one of the best options is to call in a professional. In addition to understanding how these insects live, they also understand the dynamics of keeping them away. What’s even better is that they can use all natural mosquito control sprays to keep your home protected without danger to your family. In addition to this, most pest control experts will do a full inspection around your home to target any problem areas in particular.

4. Remove Stagnant Water

If there is stagnant water outside of your home, this will both harbor and attract mosquitoes. Cover this with sand to make sure it will no longer attract these insects.

5. Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

While outside of your home, spraying your own skin can help reduce the number of bites you experience. However, most bug sprays at drug stores are made with a number of dangerous chemicals, including DEET. One easy recipe begins with 2 tablespoons of witch hazel being mixed with 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil. Add to this 1/2 tsp vodka and 100 drops of your choice of essential oil, then mix and spray on your skin when outdoors.

Are You Tired of Mosquito Bites?

The itch, burn, and potential danger of mosquito bites does not have to be something you experience every year. By using the solutions above, you’ll be able to fight these insects without using dangerous chemicals that are so prevalent today. From calling a professional to creating a bug-fighting garden, you have many options for getting started right now.

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