Reasons Why You Need Oral Sedation Before a Dental Treatment

Reasons Why You Need Oral Sedation Before a Dental Treatment

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Paints fear dentists the most Dentists because they imagine incredible pain, when they get treatment for their dental problems. Experienced dentists know how to pacify the fears and phobias of their patients visiting them.

Oral sedation is given to them to make the pain immune, before starting the treatment. Patients who do not want to take anaesthesia injections out of fear can opt for oral sedation.

Learn to relax when at a dentist

It is more apparent in movies how patients get anxious when they sit on the dentist’s chair. Oral sedation is painless and it lets the dentist carry out the treatment without any hassle. The patient too feels comfortable, when their teeth are operated with tools and injections.

Sedation is also used for simple procedure such as cleaning of the tooth. Sedation dentistry is also known as sleep dentistry. Depending upon the amount of sedation used, the patient’s experience lesser or no anxiety pangs and also sometimes sleep.

Degree of sedation

  • A medium amount of sedation can give a slurry speech.
  • Patients are advised not to drive themselves home when they are on sedation.
  • When the sedation is at a deeper level, the patient experiences lack of consciousness.
  • At this stage, the patient can still be awakened.
  • If general anaesthesia is used, the patient is completely unconscious.
  • Nitrous oxide is give to inhale as a method of sedation.
  • This is also called as the laughing gas.
  • It is combined with oxygen and placed like a mask over the nose.
  • Oral sedation is available in the form of a pill.
  • The dosage of oral sedation is lowest amount to average.
  • These pills can make you feel drowsy.
  • Sedation is also injected into the veins directly.
  • Deep sedations give deep sleep.

Why sedation is required

You can contact the best dentist in Burke VA to receive an oral sedation. The effect of sedation is felt only until the effect of the sedation is worn off. It is not possible to stay awake when the patient is given general anaesthesia.

Sedation is essential when performing dental procedures as it reduces the anxieties of the patients and lets them relax.

Sedation for those with sensitive teeth

Oral sedation can be taken under the supervision of the best dentist in Burke VA. When you have sensitive teeth or experience a gag reflex, you can take sedation. The sedation dentists in Burke VA are available for a consultation prior you start any dental procedure.


Sedation is the best solution to put your fears and anxieties to rest when you visit a dentist.