Must Ask Questions to a Painting Contractor before Hiring

Must Ask Questions to a Painting Contractor before Hiring

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Hiring a painter contractor for your residential house or for your business building can be a sensible investment. A perfect paint for your house may increase the appeal, give better damage protection or may even increase the overall value of the house etc.

A professional painting contractor will ensure that your job is done perfectly without involving you in the process. A good painter must satisfy all the criteria described below.

Important questions you should ask a painting contractor

  • Expertise area- We should keep in mind that different painters have their own different area of expertise. You would want to hire someone who is an expert in the area of your project needs although small compromises may be made. Some painting contractors may have their specialization in painting outdoor for huge businesses, whereas others may have their specialization in doing residential indoor projects.

  • Products used- Just by asking what sort of products your painting contractor will use, will also convey a few things. You’ll be able to understand if your contractor knows exactly what they are talking about. It is a good sign if they could offer you a variety of products and illustrate you what are the disadvantages and the advantages of each.

You can also estimate approximately how much you would be spending on the materials. Some of the contractors may offer you lower cost for service and higher mark-up on the products used.

  • Time period for the job to complete- If you want your job to be done quickly, it is important that you ask how long the painting will take. Some contractors may start shortly while some others may take time depending on their busy schedule.
  • What the cost includes- Do not just assume what their cost might include. Ask upfront, as one contractor may have higher contractor cost because it might have included various other possible expenditure, while other contractors might exclude extra expenses.
  • Any guarantees- It is important to ask if your painting contractor includes guarantee or any other assurances. There are satisfaction guarantee, money back guarantee etc. that might improve your deal.
  • Written contract- Do not forget to ask for a written contract even though everything seems to be trustworthy.

  • Contact method- Ask your contractor how you could contact them via phone, email address, website or physical address, etc. You wouldn’t want any issues with their service and want a fast reply.

It is recommended that you contact a professional painting contractor and ask the above questions before you hire them. Hire the best contractor of your choice.

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