Metal Amalgam Vs Colored Tooth Filling – Which Is Appealing?

Metal Amalgam Vs Colored Tooth Filling – Which Is Appealing?

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Dental cavities can occur, even if you take a lot of precaution related to dental hygiene. Restorative dentistry is used at dentist office in Oxon Hill Maryland to fight tooth decay. Let’s understand the kinds of material used as tooth filling.

Metal amalgam has been used for decades to fill cavities. Today, other materials like composite resin and porcelain are used. Both these surpass the customary metal fillings to provide patients with strong and attractive smile.



Metal amalgam is a practical choice because it is durable and significantly inexpensive.

Noticeable – The downside is that you can notice the dark metallic filling surrounding the tooth clearly.

Bonding is hard – Amalgam needs a lot of tooth tissue removed for placement. Moreover, metal do not bond naturally with the teeth. Additional drilling is done inside the cavity for proper adhesion.

Risk of damage increases – Metal is extremely responsive to temperature changes, which can trigger the filling to contract or expand. This can result in cracks or oversensitivity in the tooth.

Composite resin fillings

Composite resin is current choice. Even though it is expensive, patients select it because of its benefits including –

  • Looks natural, is not noticeable, and blends well in comparison to amalgam.
  • Shaped easily to align to the patient’s biting patterns, which results in enhanced comfort while eating.
  • Keeps teeth insulated and even in drastic temperatures the risk of tooth cracking via expansion is removed.
  • Bonds naturally with tooth tissue and needs less drilling for adhesion.
  • Tooth’s strength gets restored and a future damage to it gets deterred.

Composite resin is said to have short lifespan. However, with technology development the efficiency has enhanced the longevity of composite fillings.


  • Porcelain is a good alternative for inlay or onlay large fillings.
  • The filling process takes time, so becomes expensive.
  • However, due to its ability to provide most realistic appearance patients find it an appealing dental material.
  • Porcelain surface closely resembles enamel. It reflects light similar to natural teeth.
  • Porcelain material is extremely resistant to staining and weather fluctuations.

Patients tight on budget opt for metal fillings, but tooth colored fillings are not visible, bind strongly with enamel and dentin, as well as provide a natural look.

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