Low Cost MRI Scan

Low Cost MRI Scan

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A lot of health problems are due to things that happen deep inside the body. It can be difficult to make a conclusive assessment without seeing the affected areas. Since making an incision is dangerous and impractical, we have devised other methods that involve on-invasive processes. One of them is magnetic resonance imaging. MRI utilizes magnets and radio waves to get impressions of the body’s interior. Patients have to go inside a massive chamber and lay still while they are scanned. The images can be quite detailed so doctors are able to make diagnoses and assessments with confidence. MRI does not use radiation in contrast to x-rays and CT scans.


MRI machines are incredibly versatile. They can be used in several different parts of the body. For instance, they are fantastic tools for the diagnosis and treatment of problems within the central nervous system. They can scan the brain for injuries, find blood vessel damage, identify cancerous lumps, isualize spinal cord injuries, and more. They could also be used to scan the heart and check for abnormalities, look for blocked blood vessels, and so on. Those who are having problems with their bones can get a scan to check for infections, joint damage, and cancer. Indeed, women who suspect that they have breast cancer can have this confirmed via MRI. The health of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, ovaries, and prostate may also be monitored through the machines.


Anyone who is planning on being scanned must first consult with their doctor. Among the considerations are pregnancy status, liver health, recent surgeries, and allergies. The technician will caution you that metals are not allowed in the scanning room because the big magnets in the MRI machine will attract them. Jewelry, piercings, dental fillings, insulin pumps, lodged bullets, pacemakers, metal joints, and the like can cause problems. Even tattoos can cause distortions as ink may contain traces of metal. Pants should not have metal buttons or zippers. Belts with metal buckles, dentures, underwire bras, wristwatches, and wigs must be removed.


Despite the known effectiveness of MRI, there are still some people who don’t get it because of the cost. The machines are incredibly expensive and so hospitals often have no choice but to charge large amounts for their use. The good news is that there are a few low cost MRI scan centers where interested parties can go to. Check if you have one near your area. This may be your opportunity to finally get a conclusive diagnosis and proceed with a delayed medical procedure.