Is An Underlayment Important For Laminate Flooring?

Is An Underlayment Important For Laminate Flooring?

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Absolutely! The beauty of laminate flooring is that it gives you the look, texture and longevity you want in a valuable flooring solution. And as any laminate flooring specialists will tell you, installing laminate over an underlayment is vital to ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.

What an underlayment is:

An underlayment is a rolled sheet of plastic foam, cork or even felt which is rolled out over your subfloor before installing your laminate flooring. Another key factor which often joins the underlayment, or is even built into it, is a moisture barrier. These barriers are generally made from a variety of plastic sheeting.

What your underlayment protects against:

 The first duty of an underlayment is to cover imperfections in the subfloor. That includes everything from cracks in the concrete to uneven bumps and chips. Laminate flooring specialists use this coverage as a means of ensuring that the appearance of your floors isn’t affected by those imperfections, keeping it even and unmarred. Along with this, especially with a moisture barrier, your floors are protected against the warping and peeling caused by rising damp/moisture.

Secondly, the underlayment adds comfort. The first aspect of comfort a quality underlayment supplied and installed by laminate flooring specialists offers is that of a softer, spongier surface underfoot. Secondly, underlayments also act as effective sound absorbers against the sound of footsteps in your home or even the noises from the level below your floor (if your home has multiple levels).

How to get it done right:

 The benefits of having underlayments installed with your laminate flooring are quite simple and clear, right? Their ability to reduce the wear on your floor while also improving its stability is extremely valuable, but that value rests on proper selection and installation. Contact a team of laminate flooring specialists to make sure that you get the best service and advice when installing your floors.

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