How to Pick a Good Injection Doctor and Cosmetic Clinic

How to Pick a Good Injection Doctor and Cosmetic Clinic

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With the non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic industry growing so quickly, it’s challenging to know which cosmetic clinic or physician to choose. Should you look for an injector with several years of experience or is it safe enough to get a little injection in your frown while you have a root canal?


Many people look online and start browsing through different cosmetic clinic websites in or around their area. When they find some that they think sounds okay, they call those clinics and ask how much Botox or dermal fillers cost.

The receptionist usually tells them what the cost for a vial of Juvederm or Restylane is or how much an average treatment to minimise forehead lines, or wrinkles might cost. They do this all without even seeing you; so how is it possible for them to give you a price on what you may need without having examined you first?

Some people are very young, but due to sun damage or their genetic makeup, they may need way more product to look rejuvenated than a 55-year-old may need who has taken excellent care of their skin. Therefore, basing your entire decision on a cosmetic clinic just because it is offering injections at $1 less per unit, makes absolutely no sense at all.


The skill and experience an injector have are crucial, but ensure that you ask how long they have been administering cosmetic injectables, and not only how long they have been practising medicine. You should look for an experienced and skilled cosmetic injector like, Dr Ballantyne cosmetic clinic Maroochydore who specialises in cosmetic injectables.

Also, remember, that most plastic surgeons mostly administer surgical procedures; thus, they probably will not be as experienced at injecting as a cosmetic injector who does non-surgical treatments every single day. Look for an injector who continually keeps up with new techniques and products and attends regular conferences.


Once you have made up your mind, remember that building a relationship with the cosmetic injector and that cosmetic clinic is very important. You should feel like your needs have been heard and that you completely trust the opinion of your injector even if it is slightly different from yours.

Try to remember that your cosmetic injector doesn’t always know what will work. So at your consultation, start by telling them what is bothering you the most and try to keep an open mind to hear their ideas. A true professional will not try to upsell you; it may just be that by augmenting a different area, it could help improve the area that is bothering you and leave you with even more natural looking results.

It’s all about the level of experience, trust and communication. Try out a few if you like but settle with the cosmetic injector that gives you the best results, not just the one that gives you the best price.

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