How to maintain your refrigerators to make sure they last long

How to maintain your refrigerators to make sure they last long

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Refrigerators are unquestionably one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. They do a variety of functions like keeping your food cold, storing them fresh even when the power is off, etc. They are where your all delicious items are stored. If they don’t function properly, then all the yummy food items that you stored in the refrigerator, hoping that you can eat them later, will have to go into the dustbin. Hence, it is highly important that you buy a good refrigerator amongst different brands namely, Godrej refrigerators, Whirlpool refrigerator, LG refrigerator, etc. But, even so, if you don’t follow proper maintenance tips then even the best of the best refrigerators can also become useless in few years.

Hence, in this article, you will find some very essential tips that will help you keep your refrigerator working smooth and free from problems.

  1. Clean the condenser coils –

Condenser coils are one of the chief parts of a condenser. They eliminate the heat from refrigerators and freezers thus keeping your food items cold. Condenser coils look like huge radiator-like coils and are placed at either the backside of the refrigerator or beneath it. Over the time, dust and dirt start clinging to these radiator coils. This decreases the efficiency of the condenser coils thus reducing its cooling power too. As a result of this, your refrigerator starts consuming more electricity. To avoid such problems, you should clean your condenser coils at least twice every year. Use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to clean the condenser coils most efficiently.

  1. Clean the gasket –

The rubber seal present in the outlines of your refrigerator or freezer doors is called the gasket. It does an important job of restricting the outer warm air from entering the inside space, thus keeping the refrigerator and freezer cold, even when you open the refrigerator door. Gaskets start to wear over a period of time and hence can’t operate with their full efficiency. Usually, the gaskets start to loosen and tear off within a year. But if you clean them by using some good quality universal cleaner, then you will be able to increase their lifetime. Also, once they become obsolete, you must replace them with a new one.

  1. Defrost your freezer timely –

Some varieties of refrigerators come with automatic defrosting feature. If you own one of such refrigerators, then you don’t need to worry about anything. But if you own a refrigerator which needs to be defrosted manually, then once a while, you must take out the food from the refrigerator or the freezer and turn off the thermostat and turn off the fridge, so as to allow it to defrost. Some other types of fridge, nowadays have a certain ‘defrost button’, by pressing which you can initiate the defrost action. Just make sure to take out the food items from the refrigerator before defrosting it. The ice after getting defrosted, get accumulated at pan present under the refrigerator or freezer. You should clean the pan periodically after defrosting it.

  1. Change the water filter –

If your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, then most probably it does have a water filter too. It is recommended that you change this water filter once every six months.

  1. Clean the interior of your fridge –

Once every week, take out all the food items from your fridge, and take a cloth dipped in lukewarm water and wipe clean the entire interior of your fridge.

  1. Close the door properly –

This is one of the most common mistakes done by many people. We take out our foods and then do not close the door lid properly. As a result of which, the outside hot air keeps on entering the interiors of the fridge. To maintain the cool atmosphere inside the fridge, the condenser has to keep on working continuously. This not only increases your electricity bill but also puts extra pressure on the condenser, thus decreasing its efficiency. So, make sure that every time you open your fridge, you do close the door properly.


So while you are using your refrigerator, irrespective of being a Haier refrigerator, Samsung refrigerator, Whirlpool refrigerator, etc do not miss to use these tips and tricks to maintain your refrigerator.

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