How To Host The Perfect Brunch

How To Host The Perfect Brunch

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Everybody loves a great brunch. You have all your beloved friends and family over for a moment of gathering that is meant to make everyone feel happy. You also have great food that can include items from breakfast and lunch both. Hosting a weekend brunch can be a great family ritual or can even be relished as a weekday treat.  The part of brunch that doesn’t rock your day is the part about you hosting it. It can be a bit frustrating to play host and miss out on all the great moments your people are having. Missing those exciting stories can make a hole in your heart. However, it’s not the end of the world. You can use the following tips to make sure that your brunch goes perfect and that you get to partake in it as much as your friends and family.

Plate up the Night Before

Getting the table ready night before can prevent a lot of brunch anxiety. All the plates and silverware should be appropriately arranged with all the right angles. You can also practice folding your napkins in fancy ways since you have time to spare. Also be sure to place all the water glasses, coffee mugs and cocktail glasses in place as well. It’s one of those days you can take out your favorite tablecloth and mats. Also, you can show off your pristine coasters and table decorations.

Prepare Cocktail Mixes

Bloody Mary, Mojito, Margarita, Gin and tonic and Spritz all are great brunch options. Be sure to have all the required ingredients the previous day. If you need to improve your bartending skills, you can consider buying a gadget like the perfect drink or something else that’s similar. Also if you have kids coming over, be sure to stock up on some mixed fruit juice and some flavored sodas.

Get the Food Ready

Food is an essential aspect of brunch and something that brunch is based on. You can replace pancakes with some yum french toasts to give a great twist. Smoked ribs are an excellent option for the meat, and you can prepare them the night before and leave in the oven for comfortable heating. Add in a great salad with some walnuts and pecans, and you’re ready.

Have Fun

Enjoying the occasion is what it all comes down to. Making food items that are easy to prepare is no use if you don’t spend that extra time chilling with your friends.