How to Get Better Results with Treadmill Workout

How to Get Better Results with Treadmill Workout

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These days, most people prefer to use treadmill for their workout at home or gym. When you have a treadmill at home, you need not bother about bad weather, bad roads or busy traffic conditions. Since most of the people are busy with their profession, it is very difficult to spare time for regular walk every day.

However, in order to get best results from treadmill, you must not stick to the same routine every day. You have to continuously make some changes so that your muscle gets some new challenge after few weeks. Following are few ways you can get better results from treadmill use.

Keeps your angle setting to 1% instead of 0?

It is much easier to walk on the treadmill as compared to walking on the road. That is because you are not fighting against any wind pressure to move forward. Therefore, in order to match with outdoor setting, you must keep the angle setting to 1 per cent instead of keeping at 0. You must also vary your speed within the range of 0.1 to 0.3 miles per hour.

Change the setting to ramp up

While doing Best treadmill workout, after initial few days on straight path you must walk or run in ramp up position. According to many researchers if you walk on the ramp then your muscle will work 9 per cent more than walking or running on flat surface. Your exertion will also increase by walking on the ramp.

Your buttocks and back of your thigh gets maximum strain. As walking on the hill requires more amount of oxygen, therefore it will boost up your cardio vascular exercise too. Running up hill will also take pressure off your knees. People with arthritis will be more benefitted by walking on inclined plane instead of increasing the speed of the treadmill.

Step up your routine after certain intervals

You cannot get better result by walking fast or for longer hours, but instead of that you change the difficulty level from moderate to high intensity. According to researchers, if you change the routine after certain interval then you can get better results as compared to doing workout for longer hours.

Do not push too hard

You should not push yourself too hard too soon. This will be counter-productive and many of you even quit from working out. Whatever routine that you set, you must enjoy it to get better results.