How to Encourage Learning in Toddlers

How to Encourage Learning in Toddlers

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Education is often considered the greatest anti-poverty program a country can undertake. When you properly educate a child into adulthood, that child is more likely to earn money, have a stable home life, and live a long time. Education can be what separates someone from poverty or prosperity. However, education is not something that can be forced on a child. They are not recipients of education; they are willing participants. To teach a child to be a willing and engaged student, you have to approach them early with the tools of learning. You need to create a love of learning that takes hold when they’re young. Toys are the best way to accomplish that.

Learning Toys

Toys don’t have to be strictly educational to encourage a child to love learning. A kid’s craft table and chairs from Step2 Direct is a great way to encourage learning. The craft table and chairs are great since they get a child accustomed to sitting in a desk or sitting at a prescribed location. In many schools, getting kids to sit still long enough to learn is the biggest impediment to learning. Furthermore, they need to be encouraged to practice and play. The type of hands-on play you get from a craft table encourages experimentation and learning. Children who are allowed to experiment without repercussions are more prone to develop a curious mind for learning. A toy craft table is a great way to learn without repercussions. The toys do not break or fall apart if the child mishandles them or uses them in different ways.

Language Acquisition

Research has found that language acquisition is less about what the child hears repeatedly and more about linking those words to specific physical items. Children hear abstract content all day long, but they learn words related to food and those around them. They learn these things since they can link the abstract concept of a word to a physical manifestation. A craft table allows the same kind of learning. Children can be exposed to different tools and everyday items in a safe environment. They can practice language and have the language reinforced. Repetition is incredibly important to learning language and how to use it. A craft table is also a great way to introduce new concepts. Introducing sports early is important as well. You should research buying quality kids’ sports toys this holiday from Step2 Direct.

Since the toys on the craft table and the sports toys can be changed and altered, they can be used to teach new concepts and test a child’s different interests.

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