How to Clean Your Home for the Summer Season

How to Clean Your Home for the Summer Season

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Although you may spring clean your home to freshen up the interior setting, the exterior of the property should also be washed down to maintain the outside of the house. By removing dirt or grime that has accumulated, you can feel proud to show off the space when inviting guests over. When you’re looking to brighten up your home’s exterior, there are a few important steps to take.

Powerwash Vinyl and Wood Siding

You can pressure wash the siding of the house if the building has vinyl or wood siding. Pressure washing should be avoided on buildings that have stucco, delicate wood, or brick, which can cause damage to the materials due to the pressure of the water. Opt for using a garden hose to rinse off delicate materials that are more susceptible to damage. When pressure washing the home, you’ll need to cover plants in the yard and avoid washing the windows with the hose. Power washing is too strong for windows and will cause them to shatter.

Clean the Driveway

Powerwashing the driveway and sidewalks will also freshen up the setting and will remove stains or grime that have settled onto the surface in the past season. It’s also necessary to remove oil stains that have formed to prevent them from staining the concrete. Use a drying agent like cat litter or baking soda on each oil stain to absorb the moisture and allow it to sit for several hours. You can finish the project by using laundry detergent to scrub the stain before using a power washer to remove all of the dirt.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Hire paver cleaning services to brighten up the materials and allow them to look new again. The surface will be gently cleaned to remove dirt underneath the surface that is not visible. Any cracks that have developed can also be sealed to prevent damage that can occur from environmental elements in the future.

Wash the Windows

Washing the windows for the summer season will improve visibility to the outdoors and can increase your home’s curb appeal. Wipe down the frames with a damp cloth that has a mixture of water and nonammoniated all-purpose cleaner. Use a clean cloth to remove the cleaner before using a dry cloth to remove any streaks that may be present. A professional can also be hired for larger picture windows that are on the top level of the building.

Maintaining your residential home and allowing it to look beautiful will require you to clean off the exterior of the building. By creating a bright and cheery setting, you can welcome your guests to the property and feel proud to show it off at parties and gatherings during the season.

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