How to Become A Barber

How to Become A Barber

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If the idea of cutting hair for a living interest you, you should definitely consider attending barber school. Barbers are highly skilled professionals that mainly work with their client’s hair. They typically cut, shampoo, and style their male clients hair. Often, they are called upon to shave the clients face, perform facials, or even highlight their customer’s hair. Of course, the type of services performed depend on the barber’s skill and whether it is a traditional barbershop or more modern hair salon. In order to join this exciting career, it is important to take a barber course at an accredited school.

Typical Barber Duties
The Barber, Cosmetologist, and Hair dresser are in the beauty industry. However, the barber works mainly with male clients. Still, on occasion the barber might service female clients looking for a special haircut or trim. On a typical day, the barber might shampoo, condition, style, color, and cut their client’s hair. Some perform facials and shave their clients face. Generally, the professional is trained to work with combs, brushes, scissors, straight razors, and clippers. The professional is also required to handle money received by clients and keep business records. This professional works mainly in a barber-shop. However, some are hired to work in health spas, on cruise ships, and in hotels.

Becoming A Barber
Most states require that an individual that is interested in this career attend a barber school. A high school diploma or equivalent is required to gain entry into the barber training program. Today, thanks to the Internet and modern technology, it is easy to attend a school online or in the community. For example, vocational schools and technical schools offer training in the community and online. Most courses last about a year or less. After graduating from the training program, the student must take a state licensing exam to work in the industry.

License Requirements
The license requirements are generally the same across the country. The requirements include the following.
-Must be at least 16 years old
-High school diploma or equivalent
-Graduated from approved training program

Career Future Projections
The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports that the need for a skilled barber will continue to grow through the next decade. This is due to the growth of the population and interest in grooming and maintaining one’s appearance. Those with skills in coloring, highlighting, straightening, and other advanced treatments will find their skills in high demand. Most barbers work full time. Quite a few work part-time. However, those that own their own barber service have the greatest career potential.

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