Home Extensions – Top Mistakes Produced by Builders

Home Extensions – Top Mistakes Produced by Builders

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It could look good but did your builder avoid the most typical mistakes although creating your house extension?

Mistake 1 – Excavations & Foundations

Part one of the house extension should be to using the foundations and you’ll be surprised to understand that a minimum of 25% from the foundations aren’t positioned directly underneath the walls on the top. Excavating off center or perhaps in the incorrect position is very common as well as in a particular situation I’d a builder that excavated for any two room side extension around the wrong side from the line which was setup. His ignorance bending the price of the excavations and foundations in the drop of the hat.

Mistake 2 – Moist Proofing Course & DPC Membrane

This a part of you home extension is really a minor job but critical. Whether it’s done wrong the moist enters the brand new walls within dependent on days and more than a year or causes severe moist problems.

On a single site I inspected a couple of in the past the builders had used plastic boulders bags to create a moist proofing course rather of utilizing the right width dpc roll.

Mistake 3 – Extensions Are Hardly Ever Square

Most home extensions don’t have 1 square corner. A minimum of 98% of builders which i have met within the last 3 decades did not possess a clue regarding how to see if the house extension there have been building was basically square towards the property.

Mistake 4 – Services within the Floor

Again and again I’ve seen copper pipes and electrical cables which are run directly within the concrete floors without any kind of sleeving or protection. Copper pipes corrode rapidly when encased directly in concrete because the cement practically eats the copper. When it comes to concept of electrical cables playing around live inside the concrete with no sleeving well that simply result in the hair on my small neck fully stand up.

Mistake 5 – Home windows & Doorways

You may think it is really an easy job but when again it’s pretty common the height of home windows and doorways are frequently comprised since the height from the floor was laid wrong or even the bricklayer designed a mistake. Ideally whatever you should see inside a entrance towards the garden may be the wooden threshold and never just a little wall under it. In some instances you do not even begin to see the threshold since the frame was occur lacking which equally is just poor workmanship.

Mistake 6 – Floor Heights

New floor heights are perfect within the other ways they may be botched. Most likely the worst scenario is when they’re excessive usually producing a step-up in the primary house all since the builder did not drop the floor a little more when building the extension.

Mistake 7 – Ventilation Towards The Sub Floor

Whenever you develop a side or rear extension for an older property with ventilated sub floors it is necessary that you still provide ventilation with the new extension floor. It’s an easy task which costs peanuts but eight occasions from ten the builder does not bother and also the finish is outcome is usually dry rot inside a couple of years.

Mistake 8 – Insulation 8

A couple of years back extensions were constructed with little if any insulation. I am very happy to say occasions have altered and you are actually needed to possess insulation within walls, ceilings and floors. Most local councils now insist upon additional dry lining by having an insulation backed board to breeze block walls so make certain you builder conforms. Also make certain they put a minimum of 100mm of insulation into any concrete floors. If you do not let them know they wont bother and building control might not get it.

Mistake 9 – Drainage

How’s that for among the simpler tasks that almost always will get done badly or perhaps in fact overlooked whenever possible.

Whenever you give a full width extension you have to always permit the rainwater in the primary roof. Again and again the thing is this water remains to release to the extension roof which it’s just not designed to happen as it’ll always result in premature problems.

Another reason for course is the fact that rainwater isn’t designed to discharge into soil stacks and should have it own way of going to the sewer system or soak-away. In case your builder will get this wrong its usually a massive problem to place right later on.

Mistake 10 – Encroachment

I left encroachment until last due to the fact its a new word towards the builders and also to most owners but could be a huge nightmare whether it occurs in your build project.