Healing with God – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to hold workshop in Zimbabwe

Healing with God – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to hold workshop in Zimbabwe

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Like many others, you probably believe in paradise and all the good things in life. Our pastor Chris Oyakhilome suggests that you should believe in hell and death, as well. Both are real and can impact your life and your real growth. Who is Chris Oyakhilome? What’s his mission? In this post, we will know more about him and his healing powers. We will also talk about his upcoming workshop in Zimbabwe with all the details you need to know. Let’s get started.

Following the vision of God

If you are contemplating your own existence and aren’t happy with the way life is treating you, it’s time to seek help from God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Christian minister, who is known for his healing powers and his ability to influence lives with his amazing words and vision. Christ Embassy is his vision to take the message of God to the world. He believes that following Jesus and hanging out with him more often will help people grow. When you are unsure of what life brings ahead, you can follow him, and he will help you to explore the path of the divine. He has stressed that people can make this world a better place, as long as they make the conscious choice of following Jesus. He also emphasizes on the need to follow Jesus now. Pastor Chris believes that there is no tomorrow, and the more you delay, the unhappier you are.

The workshop in Zimbabwe

Christ embassy is proud to announce its first ever workshop and communion service in Zimbabwe, which will be attended by God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The event is scheduled for May 7, 2017 at Harare, at the National Sports Stadium. Pastor Chris will play the host to his epic service, and he had recently said in South Africa that Zimbabwe is a miracle. With days nearing, people are hoping to finally meet a minister, who is focused on helping others and believes in the real power of God. If you are interested in knowing your life better than what you know, you should make time for this heavenly visitation. You can check the website of Christ Embassy to find more details.

How to register?

You will have to register for this special event online, following which you will get a grant access ticket. Registered delegates can be a part of this amazing event and workshop by live on-site attendance or through one of the designated viewing Centers. The session with Chris Oyakhilome will be live streamed, as well on the website pastorchrisonline.org. You can also choose to download the theCEFLIX mobile app to ensure your participation. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.  Make the first commitment by registering today.

Chris Oyakhilome promises to bring you closer to god, because there is nothing live believing in the real world that’s full of new possibilities. Don’t focus on material needs, because your mind is capable of so much more.

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