General Information about Broken Denture Repairs

General Information about Broken Denture Repairs

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Denture repairs become an essential oral treatment, if your teeth have broken and missing teeth leaves a gap, which doesn’t look pleasant. Also, with the missing tooth, it is not easy to chew food or talk smoothly. To have denture repair to replace the missing teeth is one of the best solution to solve the oral health issues.

Since decades the practice of fixing dentures has been practiced successfully. As the dentures can be removed as and when required, there are chances of getting it damaged. Fortunately, due to the emergence of new methods to fix your broken dentures, it is not very expensive and also it needs less maintenance. Moreover, the treatment is also not very complicated. You can now repair your dentures and have shining artificial teeth without any problem.

The two common types of fixing dentures:

  • Complete denture repair: In this process, the whole set of natural teeth is replaced. It is the best option for individuals whose jaw has loosened or all the teeth have been damaged. The whole procedure of replacing the whole set of teeth is done after the gums are totally healed after the extraction of natural teeth. The teeth are connected to a plastic base having the same color as of the gum tissue.

  • Partial dentures: It is the most commonly practiced denture repair where the dentist will replace few missing teeth arranging them with other natural healthy teeth. The dentures are supported by metal frames, which are placed in accordance to the jaw bone of the patient.

Most of the people have varied issues after undergoing denture repair.  They feel uncomfortable to chew, not able to speak clearly, and always be aware that something isn’t right inside their mouth. This kind of feelings ware off in few days, if the issues persist consult your dentist as it may be due to lose fitting of dentures or the metallic frames.

Sometimes the wearer’s tongue may be scratched when rubbed against the newly fitted dentures. It will be helpful to follow the instructions of your dentist to get used to wearing dentures.

Numerous cases have been reported of new dentures being damaged or broken within couple of days of fixing it. You can see cracks, fissures or chips if the customized denture if you have not consulted expertise dentist. You can repair broken dentures without any complicated issues to face and take care of your dentures by having the tips posted by its wearer in medical journals and logging into informative links.