For Your Home Or Your Business, Self Storage Is A Perfect Solution To An Age Old Problem

For Your Home Or Your Business, Self Storage Is A Perfect Solution To An Age Old Problem

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Everyone will drive or walk by a self storage facility at some point over the course of a year, as even in the smallest, rural areas, a local self storage facility will often only be a stone’s through away, whether you know it’s there or not.

And this is the change we have seen, as over the past ten years’ self storage has risen in popularity, and where demand is high, supply must match, which is why the big chains have flourished and the smaller, independent facilities have also started popping up to service this high demand.

Whether you look at self storage from a home owners point of view, or a business owners point of view, it works, which is why we asked Thornbury Self Storage to tell us more about their customers, which might surprise you in terms of just who stores with them!

For Your Home

Self storage is arguably best known as a solution for homeowners to save space, or people that are relocating and are in need of some temporary storage whilst their home move is completed and or is currently in progress.

You will often find that storage comes into play at a time when you need it most, for things like when a loved one or family member passes away and you must clear a house quickly, or simply just cannot deal with throwing things away at that moment in time, so need to store things until they are able to deal with this challenging task.

As people downsize due to age or circumstances, or they need to move to pastures new for work or for a new life, self storage units make the perfect solution for these people as well, as sorting through a lifetime worth of possessions quickly and efficiently is just not going to happen, and you can often end up making the wrong decision if you are rushed. Hiring a self storage unit for however long you need it, whether that’s short, medium or long term, just makes sense, as it puts you in control and you can take your time, without the worry of having to sort through everything just to take the next steps in your life.

For Your Business

Mention self storage from a commercial point of view and initially, you might get a few strange looks, as often storage units are just associated with home owners looking to save some space and store the things they just do not have the room for.

But, self storage and business often go together and are used more than you think. For many businesses, space is a major issue as they grow, as a small business simply cannot afford a huge work place, and equally, as the business grows bigger and gets more successful, just moving to a bigger workplace is not as easy, affordable or practical as it sounds. Therefore, many businesses use a self storage unit on an ongoing basis as an extension of their main operations, which offers a cost-effective way of having more space but not needing to pay massive rents or rates.

From organisations that need local operational storage, through to local businesses that use their self storage units every day, from a commercial point of view storage facilities offer affordable, space saving solutions that are flexible and changeable as per requirements, which for many small to medium businesses, simply works.

Put simply, whether domestic or commercial, if space is an issue or the lack of space is stopping you achieving everything you need to, then a local self storage facility really should be your first port of call, as not only is it far more affordable than you may think, but you can make it work for you, as and when you need it.