Female Hair Loss – What Are the Options?

Female Hair Loss – What Are the Options?

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Hair loss affects more than half of women over 50 and there are many causes that include a hormone imbalance, genetics, and even stress. This condition can be devastating for a career woman, and if you start to notice excessive clumps of hair on your pillow in the morning, or the shower becomes clogged, you could be losing more hair than usual. Our hair falls out by design and is naturally replaced by new follicles, and if for any reason, this cycle is disrupted, you will begin to notice thinning patches on your scalp.


There are many brands of potions, lotions and creams, all said to produce remarkable results, but in reality, very few of these expensive products actually work. If the hair loss is caused by taking medication or receiving certain treatment, the chances are it will only be temporary and your hair will regrow as soon as the treatment ceases. Your diet has a lot to do with healthy hair, with fish protein and Vitamin C just two of the essentials healthy hair needs, and by including a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, your hair follicles will be revitalised. Vitamin and iron supplements might slow down the rate of hair loss, and if you are stressed out for any reason, it won’t help this condition.

Hair Extensions

This is perhaps the most effective female hair thinning treatment, and with a revolutionary new device called the Enhancer System, hair extensions can be easily attached to the scalp. The Enhancer System consists of a fine mesh that sits on the scalp and is fixed by weaving hair extensions with the existing hair. Once the Enhancer System is firmly in place, the technician can begin to gradually weave in the hair extensions, covering the bald area completely. If the thinned out area is very small, the mesh is not necessary and human hair extensions can be attached to the existing hair with micro beading techniques that do not use adhesive or heat.

Hair Transplant

This is only suitable for permanent baldness, and while it is very expensive, the results are worthwhile. Hair transplant surgery is far more popular with men who suffer from a genetic form of alopecia, yet it can just as effective for a woman. The process involves taking healthy hair follicles from the side or back of the head and transplanting them onto the bald area. The process is time consuming, as only 2 or 3 hair follicles are moved at one time, and the skill of the surgeon will determine how the finished job looks. An accomplished surgeon will be able to recreate the natural growth angles of the hair, and once the treatment is over, the recovery time is very fast, and most people are happy with the results.

There are modern studios that specialise in hair extensions for hair loss patients, and with expert help and advice, your self-confidence will return and after a while, so will your hair.