Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To Kalamazoo

Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To Kalamazoo

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How many cities are there that have very distinct names? Plenty. Some of them may remind us of all the universes that we have taken our inner child to when we were kids. For some people, peculiarly named places in which they live even represent a whole universe. Kalamazoo may be a place like that one for someone living there at the moment. It might as well become one such place for someone who’s going to be moving to Kalamazoo at one point in their life. For others, it is going to remain a southwestern city in Michigan. Almost all of it is about perception. However, while not all of us are going to share the same feeling about living in a particular place, there are facts about that place that are going to be perceived the same by everyone. Here’s everything you need to know before moving to Kalamazoo.

Make sure that you are ready for the move

Make sure that you are ready for the move

Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo, MI is a city located in the southwest of the state of Michigan. It is the seat of Kalamazoo County where 75,000 people live. Also, it is the largest city in the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Statistical Area with 750,000 residents. Furthermore, it is a city that whose distance is equal both to Detroit and Chicago. Should you look to go either way, you are looking at a distance of about 150 miles to cover.

Moving to Kalamazoo and discovering its largest attraction

If you are moving to Kalamazoo, you will be hearing a lot about its most famous attraction. No, it’s not an aquapark nor is it a natural wonder. Kalamazoo is famous for its shopping mall that was built half-a-century ago. It was created when a portion of the Burdick Street was closed for traffic. Since then, two blocks of the street have been reopened for cars, but the Mall is still standing.

Living in Kalamazoo, MI

We have already talked about where Kalamazoo is located and what is its main attraction. Now, we need to take a look at what you can expect when moving to Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo is good for families

First of all, Kalamazoo is a very family-friendly city with affordable housing and good choice of public schools. Furthermore, Kalamazoo is home to several universities and colleges. Therefore, if you are thinking about moving to Kalamazoo with kids, you should know that they will have plenty of options on their hands when it comes to education.

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Moving around Kalamazoo

Given the fact that Kalamazoo is not a large city, it should come as no surprise that commuting to work or college is not difficult. Most importantly, it does not take much time as well. If you have a very strong opinion of how much your time is worth, you should most definitely think about moving to Kalamazoo. You will have more time for yourself, for your family and family trips as well in a place like this one where going to work and coming back homes does not take ages to complete.

What is a student’s life here

Free time is a fun time in Kalamazoo. Depending on what you are into, you will surely be able to find something for you to do here. Kalamazoo is a very diverse city with quite interesting nightlife. In case that you are a student moving to Kalamazoo, you will be glad to know that Kalamazoo is a large student center. Therefore, the hospitality industry follows these trends and looks to accommodate the needs of local students, nightlife options included.

Kalamazoo is a popular student city

For students, it is important to point out that fitness and training are well organized here. If you are looking to stay in shape, make sure to get a fitness trainer in order to maximize results.

The bad sides to moving to Kalamazoo

At a certain point, we needed to cover the bad sides to living in Kalamazoo as well. No city is perfect in this sense and Kalamazoo is no different.

There are two types of problems that Kalamazoo needs to address:

  • Available jobs
  • Crime rate

Job issues

Unemployment represents the largest issues Kalamazoo is currently facing. At the moment of speaking, the average income in Kalamazoo is 30% lower than the level of earnings in the state of Michigan. This makes Kalamazoo a city in which saving money for the future is quite difficult.

One of the major issues Kalamazoo is face is job shortage and wage level

However, there is a surge in storage business here. Given the fact that Kalamazoo is located between two major cities of Chicago and Detroit, it has the potential to turn into a logistics center. You may find your niche here with people who need to find affordable storage units in Kalamazoo area.

Crime rate

The second large issue the local authorities need to take care of is the crime rate. As you know, unemployment or low wages and crime go hand in hand. When people become disillusioned about their life and their prospects in life, there are very few sides they can turn for help. Not many of them are good sides too. Crime is one of the ways out as the people see them.

Moving to Kalamazoo in a nutshell

As we have seen, Kalamazoo is a city that represents a blend of some good sides and the other ones, less good. However, it is a wonderful little city that offers a lot to those who come here with an open mind and heart. Obviously, it is a good idea to move here with a detailed business plan. Otherwise, you might find it hard to get along, especially in the beginning. Still, moving to Kalamazoo is a good idea we believe. All you need to do is plan well and plan ahead.