Everything You Need to Know About LASIK Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About LASIK Surgery

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LASIK surgery is a very common type of refractive surgery performed by doctors all over the globe. It is performed with lasers and is a completely non-invasive form of surgery. LASIK eye surgery has become very popular amongst millennials who feel that putting on prescription eyeglasses is a hassle. Rather than having to rely on prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you can simply visit a doctor and get corrective surgery to have your original sight back.

What’s the Surgery About?

The surgery involves directing a beam of laser to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from a person’s cornea. This allows light to enter the cornea in greater amounts, and ultimately makes it much easier to focus the light, thus allowing for a clearer picture. If you want to get LASIK in San Antonio, there are a number of doctors currently performing the surgery. You can find out from different eye clinics if they perform the LASIK surgery, as well as other relevant information such as the costs associated with the surgery. Since this is a form of refractive surgery, it might even be covered under your insurance policy.

Tips for Getting LASIK Done

LASIK itself can be completed in under 15 minutes for both eyes. However, because this surgery involves your eyes, a very important organ of the body, it’s vitally important that you go to a reputable doctor. Meet with the LASIK surgeon first and ask them whatever questions you might have regarding the surgery. You should know about the risks associated with the surgery. In truth, the chances of any sort of risks developing during the surgery are next to none. The process is done using a specialised micro-laser machine, and the entire thing is done by professionals with years of experience under their belts. You have very little to worry about, especially because this is a non-invasive surgery.

Other Information

Finding the right doctor for LASIK is important. With so many different clinics currently offering this form of surgery, it’s important that you take your time to evaluate different eye doctors and then decide which one to go with. You can check out local business directories for more information about different eye doctors that perform LASIK. If you already have a family eye doctor, you can also visit them and ask if they can perform the LASIK surgery. As mentioned above, almost every eye doctor now performs LASIK surgery, so it’s much easier for people to get it done at a significantly reduced cost. Keep in mind that different doctors will quote a different fee for performing the surgery, so make sure you check for insurance coverage first.