Easter Bingo Intro

 Easter Bingo Intro

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Looking for any excuse to play Bingo Online on this long, luxurious four day weekend, but don’t feel like spending those hard earned pennies? Fear not, we’ve got this awesome Easter Bingo card for you (or the bingo lover in your life) to print out and take part in with the whole family! All you need to do is choose the winning prize! Make sure you pick a suitable reward whether it be a well deserved breakfast in bed, the biggest chocolate egg/bunny you can find or maybe even go all out and spoil the winner to dinner and a movie! Whatever it happens to be, and whoever you happen to play it with, simply print out the card, and over your holiday plans (whatever they may be), keep your eyes peeled for the following 9 items!

  1. Daffodils (real or fake)
  2. Hot Cross Buns
  3. Chocolate Eggs
  4. Easter Egg Hunts!
  5. Decorative Eggs
  6. Chicks or Chickens
  7. Wicker Baskets
  8. Baby Lambs
  9. A Bunny!

Easter is a great time of year, as it often falls just as winter is disappearing and summer is starting to finally rear its head, bringing with it sunlight, warmth and (generally) much happier people! With it of course, comes everyone’s favourite part of the ancient holiday, chocolate! It’s estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, over 80 million chocolate eggs will be sold as part of the weekend, with the average child alone consuming 8 each, with only 12% of people taking part for religious reasons! Also, in case you’re feeling guilty for any particular reason, don’t worry, as over 27% of parents worldwide admitted to eating their children’s Easter eggs! Not very Christian now is it?!

Best of luck readers, remember to let us know how you all got on, and what your grand prize turned out to be! Remember, the more luxurious, the better!

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