Does your kid enjoy reading?

Does your kid enjoy reading?

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How much you wish and desire to see your kid reading… yes, for most parents this is an unfulfilled dream. They like to see their kids become a voracious reader but they do not seem get their children to read. If your kid is also not showing any interest in reading then it is normal and there is nothing wrong with your kid.

Often parents blame the schools for their kids’ lack of interest in reading. You should know that it is not the duty of the schools to make your child develop reading habit. It is your responsibility. Some parents do know that it is their responsibility to help their children pick up reading habit but they do not know how to encourage their children. If you too are finding it hard to make your child develop reading habits at an early age then here are few tips.

The next time you are buying birthday gifts or holiday gifts, try to pick a few kids story books. It is important that you do not replace other gifts with story books but make books as one of the gifts that you give. If you deprive them of their favorite toys just because you are gifting them books instead then your child will develop a natural aversion against books and that is not something you want. You will need to take a more balanced approach.

When you go out to search for books for your children you are likely to be confused. There are so many books out there. You will have a hard time narrowing down on the right titles. To keep things simple one of the things that you could do is to go with the latest and the most popular titles. This will help you to pick good books fast. Look for Harry Potter books online. You will notice that Harry Potter books are always listed among the popular books or among the most bought books. This is an indication that children love reading such books and going with that trend will certainly be a safer bet as opposed to finding something that you do not even know or ever heard before.

You could start by reading the stories from the books to your children instead of expecting them to start reading by themselves. Have a regular time to read stories to your kids. This will help you in two ways one is to spend time with your kid and also help them gradually get into reading.

In this process, you need to be very patient. If you are not patient, then you are likely to get frustrated and show your anger to your kid for no reason. When you were young were you a voracious reader yourself? For most parents the answer is ‘No!’ so you will need to be considerate here so that your child is able to pick up this habit on his or her own with your consistent encouraging efforts.