Check the Important Safety Tips for Using Propane

Check the Important Safety Tips for Using Propane

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Propane is an affordable solution for heating homes, outdoor cooking activities and more. However, it is also a highly combustible gas, and there are some consequences related to improper or unsafe use. There are websites like, where you can find a lot of safety tips and suggestions. Below are some of the essential aspects you need to know.

  • First and foremost, handle propane tanks with care. Propane tanks should be stored somewhere in the open space, but not close to cars. Also, you need to avoid keeping your tank in the basement. In case you are shifting the tank from one place to another, secure it carefully. Propane tanks should not be left in cars and closed vehicles.

  • Painting propane tank is possible, and the permitted colors include lighter shades such as silver, light gray and white. Do NOT paint your tank in a dark color, and if required, talk to your local gas supplier. Keep in mind that the structural integrity of the tank is of utmost importance for safety, and you don’t want to compromise with it at any cost. If you have a rusted propane tank at home, do NOT paint it without getting an inspection done.

  • If you smell propane, which almost smells like rotten gas, immediate extinguish all open flames. Make sure that the house is vacated immediately, and take special care of the elderly and kids. If possible and safe, disconnect the gas supply valve of the tank immediately. Contact your propane retailer right away, and if they are not accessible, call 911 instantly. Do NOT use the tank, until it has been declared safe to do so.

If you have propane gas BBQ grills at home, always use them outside. For space heating, do not use stoves. Also, portable electric generators should be stored outside the building. For new appliances, always consider getting a propane service technician to get the connections done. Also, once in a while, get the appliances checked, and make sure that the connections are checked for possible leaks. Even if you get any hint of a leak, don’t ignore the same. Most propane gas suppliers would offer emergency services, so you can always get help. Avoid using any of the electrical appliances, unless it has been suggested to be safe to do so. Check online now to find more on paints that can be used for propane tanks.