Burglary: How to Protect your Business

Burglary: How to Protect your Business

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This happens to others but there is a burglary every 1.5 minutes in most countries, about 1000 burglaries per day, including more than 40% in business premises, and these figures far from decreasing are constantly increasing. To protect your business and therefore your equipment and products, a wide range of protective measures can be adopted, because according to the insurers what gives up in the initial place a burglar is the perplexity of access.

The Physical Protection of the Company

80% of burglars go through the main access and usually give up their break-ins if they cannot get to the scene of their offense within some minutes. The physical protection of the business is therefore pivotal. The concept of physical safety devices may already contribute to the escape of the burglar. Several solutions are to be envisaged:

  • The installation of a fence or a gate.
  • Rails or studs making difficult the passage of a vehicle.
  • A good external lighting so as to pinpoint any skeptical presence.
  • The regular maintenance the surrounding vegetation not to allow burglars to hide or climb the facade easily.
  • The proper installation of quality windows and doors by experienced personnel like the windows and doors Mississauga.
  • The installation of a mechanical curtain or an armored door.

When it comes to physical presence also, it is advisable to use specialized security and security companies, especially at night, during which 90% of burglaries occur in companies. Their agents will thus carry out regular rounds and interventions in case of alarm.

It is also possible to call on the police to obtain sound advice and be warned about the potential threat per district in real time. The campaign “Operation Tranquility Company,” set up by the government, will also allow you to go on tour quietly during July and August while leaving the supervision of your company to the police.

The Electronic Protection of the Company

Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to secure your company electronically. This can start with peripheral motion detectors around the company, to protect access to doors, in particular, ultra-sophisticated alarm systems can be installed. There are assorted types of wireless and is therefore not susceptible to power outages or with built-in video. Surveillance cameras can be placed at the various strategic points of access, and you can use safes to store your valuables. It is even better to connect your alarm system to a rapid response company, which will come to your premises in the event of an alarm.

In summary, be aware that prevention remains the watchword when it comes to safety. Regulate access to sensitive areas by wearing a badge or an electronic recognition system, be vigilant about the presence of cash or important documents within the company, have a regular check the status of your alarm systems (batteries, wires, etc.) and perform a potential risk analysis.

Given the sharp rise in burglaries, professionals (in the field of property protection equipment) make available to individuals and businesses various products that permit them to upgrade their security and that of their property. Namely, sensors sensitive to shocks and openings (windows, doors and other openings allowing access to the intramural aspect of the establishment), intrusion detectors coupled with lighting. These electronic protections constitute professional equipment and are very sophisticated. Their installation requires the intervention of a competent professional to guarantee their reliability and efficiency.

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