Are You Looking for a Durable Bed?

Are You Looking for a Durable Bed?

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When you think of drifting off to dreamland, you normally think of a cushioned mattress and soft bedding. Normally, the idea of iron does not enter your mind. However, if you want your bed to hold up for a long time, you need to consider a bed frame made of iron.

An Iron Bed Made in the Victorian Style

In addition, iron beds feature a number of beautiful styles including Victorian designs. You will love a Victorian iron bed as it is both traditional and elegant. Not only is the bed a solid choice but it is also typically easy to assemble.

Make Your Own Iron Bed

Whether your home features a contemporary or classic décor, you cannot go wrong by selecting a bed frame from a retailer such as Nights in Iron. By making this decision, you can enjoy a good night’s rest on a recurring basis for a very long time. In fact, when you go online, you can create your iron bed and customise it to your specifications and preferences.

Some of the Features

You can choose from bed sizes in single, double, king, and super-king sizes. You can also choose the colour of the bed. Popular hues include gunmetal, ivory, silver, or black. You can match the footboard with the headboard and choose from either a solid or slatted base.

Bed Knob Options

Bed knob options include balls that match, brass balls, copper balls, or rounded caps. You probably will want to learn more about the two bases that are featured, too; one is solid and one is slatted. Both of these bases are good choices as they both are strong and sturdy. You can assemble or disassemble them without difficulty.

More about the Bases

Most bases are finished in a black paint designed to coordinate with either gunmetal or black bed frames. If you choose an ivory frame, the base is normally painted to match. The slatted bases feature closely-spaced slats, thereby providing ideal support and a strong steel design. The slatted variety slightly softens the feel of the mattress as it displays a laminated sprung slat. The bases are also supported by a square of steel that runs the entire length of the centre.

The solid upholstered bases are easy to set up as they fit well into the base’s steel frame. These solid bases are suggested for just about any type of mattress and take only take about 10 minutes to assemble. Their slatted counterparts take about 20 minutes more for assembly. Because of the simplicity of assembly, the solid bases are very easy to transport. If you choose to purchase an iron four-poster bed, it typically measures 207 centimetres from the top of the ball on the post down to the floor.

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