Androgens: What You Need to Know

Androgens: What You Need to Know

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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs are a type of drug that has a chemical construction similar to anabolic steroids. While the two are commonly mixed together and can even be found in some product lines of pharmaceutical companies, these products are different from one another.


Like anabolic steroids, a SARM does have its own set of unique benefits and side effects. Some of the more popular ones are Ostarine, Ligandrol, Andarine, and Cardarine. These brands even have alphanumeric names such as MK-2866, LGD-3303, and GW-501516. You might be wondering why manufacturers choose to do this with their products. To put it bluntly, these drugs aren’t approved by the FDA for medical use. Hence, pharmaceutical marketers didn’t even bother to name them.

How Does a SARM Work?

Before we go into detail on how the drug works, let’s first take a deeper look at the biology of hormones. Now, you may already know that hormones are chemical messengers located throughout your body, and your system uses these substances to communicate with cells. Think of them as mail you’re sending out that contains important documents and instructions. When they reach the “mailboxes,” which are the cells, the commands will then be carried out to operate the particular function. With androgens, these are hormones that produce masculinity (i.e. facial hair, deeper voice, more muscle, etc.). Whenever you introduce anabolic steroids to the body, your cells overflow with androgens. The amount can be so many that the cells become fully saturated. A SARM, on the other hand, is different from an anabolic steroid because it isn’t as detrimental to the user’s health and well-being compared to an anabolic steroid.

The Differences Between a SARM and an Anabolic Steroid

Think about this – using a SARM is like striking the enemies one-by-one whereas utilizing an anabolic steroid is akin to carpet bombing your entire body. A SARM can accomplish its primary objectives in two ways: (1) the substance doesn’t break down into unwanted molecules which, in turn, can cause side effects, and (2) it has a special affinity for particular tissues in the body such as bone and muscle. Also, the use of a SARM doesn’t have an affinity for tissues such as those found in the liver, prostate, and brain. Lastly, SARM won’t easily convert into 5-a reductase, which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. Many steroid users know that DHT can cause any unwanted adverse effects.

SARM Supplementation

There are different reasons why people want to supplement with a SARM compared to using an anabolic steroid. For one, an individual might want to “get their feet wet” before going into a traditional steroid cycle. Another reason is that they might want to increase the effectiveness of their chosen anabolic steroid but without putting additional health risks to their bodies.

The SARM: Is It Safe?

Now the main question that might be buzzing around in your mind right now – Is using a SARM safe? Now, before we dive deeper into that query know that the substance can suppress natural testosterone production. Using a SARM is safe for use to a degree. However, just like with anabolic steroids, using more will incur more side-effects.

After all that has been said in this post, you may decide to use SARM as your primary gateway to anabolic steroid use. Just remember to proceed with caution at all times and to set proper expectations while using it.


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