Adipex: How It Works and How to Use It for Weight Loss?

Adipex: How It Works and How to Use It for Weight Loss?

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When it is about losing weight, most individuals become impatient and want a quick fix. Well, let us be clear with two things. First, losing weight isn’t a piece of cake and second there is nothing like a magic weight loss pill. There are definitely such supplements and drugs, which encourage and boost your weight loss efforts, but none can work on their own without any efforts on your part.

One such drug which is usually prescribed by doctors for obese patients is Phentermine. Phentermine is also well-known by its brand name Adipex. So, let’s go through the before and after results of Adipex and figure out whether it is the right weight loss drug for you or not.

How does Adipex exactly work?

Adipex actually belongs to the class of such drugs which are well-known to suppress appetite. The drug actually affects the transmission of nerve impulses in brain which influences sensation of hunger and therefore its use results in a decrease in appetite. In most cases, Adipex is prescribed for weight loss to individuals who are enrolled in obesity treatment programs. The effects and progress of drug is carefully observed by doctors on case-by-case basis.

As per Mayo Clinic, other forms of Adipex like phentermine and phentermine topiramate are strongly effective for those who need to lose a noteworthy amount of weight. In fact, the drug isn’t prescribed for those who just need to reduce a few pounds, but it is usually for such individuals who face a hard time reducing weight with dieting and exercises alone.

How to use Adipex for weight loss?

Adipex is usually prescribed for short term use. It is available in a variety of forms including capsules and tablets. Dosage recommendations is usually made by the doctor after considering factors like age, weight, life style, diet, etc.

However, the most common Adipex dosage ranges from 15 to 37.5 mg in capsule form. While in tablets you may get 15mg, 30mg as well as 37.5 mg.

Individuals usually wonder whether they need any specific instructions for using Adipex. Well, the answer to this is yes. Adipex is a strong drug which is available on prescription only and that too for short term use. Therefore, it is ideal to follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Lastly, be aware that the Adipex results may vary depending on your age, weight and health. Its results also depend on your personal willingness and capacity of loosing weight and following instructions given by the physician.

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