5 Toys That Are Perfect For Your Pre-Schooler

5 Toys That Are Perfect For Your Pre-Schooler

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When your child reaches pre-school, they are still young enough to learn a fully fledged syllabus but old enough to learn ways that would cultivate their ability to comprehend their surroundings and of course, a fully fledged syllabus in the later stages of their academic lives.

Here are the top 5 preschool kid’s toys that are perfect for your little one:

1. Mamagenius – Wooden Baby Activity Box

Boxes are perhaps the simplest and most effective toys. In aspects of constructing your child’s fine and gross motor skills, the Wooden Baby Activity Box is spectacular. From placing things inside to exploring the items within the box, your child’s fine and motor skills are developed and polished. In addition, the wooden activity box also aids in your child’s cognitive skills. Your child is naturally curious and this box to them is slightly complex with all the different items it is equipped with. This box nourishes your child’s constructive thinking by allowing them to explore and employ the element of wonder and see what they can do with the box.

2. Tiger Tribe – Magnificent World of ABC – Food

Pre-school may not boast a fully fledged syllabus but it definitely teaches your child the basic academic essentials that would assist their later learning stages. This is why; the Tiger Tribe- Magnificent World of ABC- Food is a brilliant mental and learning activity. This is quite literally a food for thought and teaches your child the sounds, syllables and letters they need to learn for the later stages in life.

3. 4M – 3D Floor Puzzles – Safari

This is another important toy for preschoolers that allow them to nurture and progress with their cognitive skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and even their social skills. Picking and placing the missing pieces allows your child to polish their fine motor skills and overall, improve their gross motor skills. By evaluating where a missing puzzle is supposed to be fit in, their cognitive skills are furnished. And since most of the toy playing activities are group based works, fitting in the missing puzzles with their teacher or class mates allows your child to progress in terms of their social skills.

4. Hape – Doctor On Call Doctor’s Set

You are bringing up a human being which makes it essential for the child to have a certain sense of sensitivity to their surroundings. In addition, your child needs to have self love in order to reciprocate love, care and affection for others. They can only learn so by caring for others. This is why the Hape- Doctor on Call Doctor’s Set is so spot-on for building up your child’s emotional stability and availability.

5. Tiger Tribe – Scented Star Markers 6pk

Last but not the least, the Tiger Tribe – Scented Star Markers 6pk works wonders in improving your child’s creativity by nurturing their cognitive skills. Since the markers are delicate, your child’s fine motor skills are also polished with this preschool kids’ toy.