5 Must-Have Essentials for Your Puppy!

5 Must-Have Essentials for Your Puppy!

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Want to get a pup? This is a significant decision that can impact the next few years of your life. New pet owners have their concerns, and rightfully so. After all, you are adding a new member to the house, who demands equal attention and care. One of the first steps is to choose a kennel/breeder to buy the puppy, and if you check online, you will find many puppies for sale Boca Raton. However, it isn’t enough to spend on the right breed, unless you purchase some of the puppy essentials. In this post, we will talk about the must-have things for your pooch.

  • Collar & leash: Look for collar that can fit your pup rightly and isn’t too loose or tight. The collar will have the dog’s license and tag and can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and colors. It is also wise to get a customized tag with your name and mobile number. The leash is important to walk your pup.
  • A crate: Puppies often have too much energy, and you will need to confine them to an area for certain hours. Look for dog crates and confinements that are safe and comfortable for your pooch. Add a few blankets within the crate to keep the puppy warm and cozy. One of the other options is to get small door barriers, which will restrict the entry in certain parts of the house.

  • Puppy bowls: Check with an online pet specialty retailer to find bowls for your pup. You need at least two pair of bowls for different rooms. You can look for ceramic and stainless steel designs, depending on your choice. However, try to avoid plastic bowls for smaller puppies because these can harbor bacteria.
  • Puppy food and treats: It is likely that the breeder will offer advice on the formula puppy food you should choose for the little one. Alternatively, you can check with a vet to know the best choices for a particular breed. Treats are also important while training. The right food and treats impacts the skin, coat and overall growth of the puppy, and therefore, it is wise to be careful.
  • Grooming products: Although your pup is still small, he will need some grooming, washing and cleaning. Take the pup to an expert to get toenails trimmed, but for the rest things, you just need a few essentials. The list includes a blow dryer, a brush or comb, shampoo, conditioner, cotton balls and solution to clean his ear. You might also need a few towels and clothes, depending on the weather.

Finally, do get a few toys. Puppies start teething soon, and you will need to give him enough things to chew and bite. The last thing you would want is a chewed book or shoe. Look for toys that are safe for chewing, and keep a check on the things he eats otherwise. You might also want to get a few training tools, which can help in teaching certain commands.

Author Bio – Luke Durante is a respected dog behavior expert. When he is not training the pooches, he is often busy writing things for pet owners.

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