5 Emergency Essential Service Numbers Every Homeowner Should Store in Their Smartphone

5 Emergency Essential Service Numbers Every Homeowner Should Store in Their Smartphone

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Successfully managing a home is not something a single person could do, as marinating a house involves so many essential services. The smart homeowner, however, is prepared for just about anything, and would have a list of essential emergency numbers ready at hand. Of course, it is hoped that you never need the emergency services of the fire people or a plumber, but it is wise to be prepared. On that vein, here are five absolutely essential contact numbers for the modern homeowner, in no particular order.

  1. The Plumber – As far as essential services are concerned, the plumber would be one of the first things that come to mind, and rather than just sourcing one online and taking note of their emergency number, it is prudent to do a little research first. Make sure you enquire about call out charges, as some plumbers seem very reasonable on the surface, but they may have a mandatory call out charge, which might be a lot higher if it is outside of office hours. Google is your best friend with this one, and whether you’re looking for plumbers in Melbourne or Brisbane, a location based search will bring up a list of potential contractors who offer round the clock emergency services. Look for an established company, as they would have all the necessary resources, and with fully equipped mobile teams, they will be able to deal with any issue.
  1. A Roofing Contractor – Your roof is the most important part of your home, and protecting the interior through the seasons does take its toll. Regular inspections are recommended, along with guttering clean-outs, which is essential, as a blockage would cause rainwater to seep down the exterior wall, and that could be the start of serious problems.
  1. Electrician – Unless you happen to be well-versed in domestic power systems, it is advisable to include this number in your list. The power could suddenly go off at any time, and if you are not familiar with working on electrical circuits, it’s best left to the experts. Every homeowner should know where the mains switches and fuse boxes are, and should be able to turn off the supply.
  1. Tree Surgeon – Aside from the very slight chance that you have no trees in your garden, you had better hook up with a local arborist, or tree surgeon as they are also known. Storm damage is a real threat, and if you wake up one morning and there’s a huge bough hanging precariously over your home, the last thing you need is to waste time searching for a local contractor. Aside from emergency situations, your trees need regular pruning, and most arborists would be happy to pop round a few times a year, and carry out the necessary work.
  1. The Locksmith – Many people accidentally lock themselves out of the house, which can be a little embarrassing at the best of times. He would also be able to access your car if ever you leave the keys in the ignition and the central locking closes, and while hoping you’ll never need him, it’s always best to store his number, just in case.

There are local companies that provide all of the above services, and an hour or two of Googling should have the job done, and with all the numbers safely stored on your mobile device, you are ready for almost anything!

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