Novice Stimulator to combat ADHD

Novice Stimulator to combat ADHD

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Most of the individuals have been encountering concentration and stress issues for long. Chances are there that they might be a victim of Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If one is unable to focus on one thing for a long span of time, easily distracted, feel restless and anxious or cannot control anger, ADHD can prevail in such a case. Phentermine, a drug basically used to aid weight loss serves as an indomitable stimulator in combating the perilous state of ADHD. Though it is not approved by FDA, scientists and experience remarks it as a useful drug for reliving the patients. Besides possessing weight loss properties that make one feel fuller for long, it possesses mood elevating properties too. It is because of this that the thought process gets sharpened and there is a hike in energy and concentration levels of individuals. Before Phentermine secures medical approval as a treatment for ADHD, it is considered as a reliable drug that merely lacks scientific studies, but shows tremendous results when put into use.

Its impactful application

Phentermine’s use in ADHD could be effective as it works as an anoretic. It directly has an impact on a centre of the brain that transmits information about fulfilment. It aids in releasing more hormones from Adrenals, whose function is boost up energy levels. Its positive stimulating properties help in fostering release of natural hormones in the body. When compared to Adderall, Phentermine does not lack anywhere except the fact that it is an off label prescription while former is medically approved by FDA to treat ADHD.

Facilitating comparison

Results and studies have shown the viability of Phentermine as a medication to treat ADHD. Adderall too, is renowned as a stimulator aiding as a solution to defeat ADHD. Both of these stimulator aid in weight loss. However, Adderall enjoys medical approval while Phentermine is not approved. That does not synonymies with its shortcoming. It shows impeccable results, so what if it is considered as an off- label medication. Other off-label medications being commonly used is

  • For non authorised cancers the drug Chemotherapy is put into use.
  • If one desire to treat alcohol addiction, Anti-seizure tool Topiramate is recommended.
  • By facilitating its proficient use, Coumadin prevents heart disease by acting as a blood thinner.
  • For treating the disastrous depression, that otherwise will hamper one’s happiness is Antipsychotic Seroquel.

This proves that off-label medications are given somehow equitable preference when it comes to their effective results. Phentermine is an epitome of such off label drug for ADHD.


For getting more reliable points in the case, Phentermine are compared to Adderall, consulting a physician would be the best decision. Another fact that acts in the favour of Phentermine as a stimulator for treating ADHD is its derivation from amphetamines that have been successful in seeking approval from FDA to treat ADHD. It increases the functionality of central nervous system that subsequently boosts up levels of concentration and thereby defeats ADHD. Due to its increase modulation in accelerating brain waves, it has been providing positive results.

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