How to Save Energy at Home

How to Save Energy at Home

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We are all striving to become more co-friendly, and there are many ways we can change our habits and practices to make less of an environmental impact. If you are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly at home, have you considered how much heat you are losing through your windows? Aside from the loft, your windows are the major locations for heat loss, and by installing secondary glazing, you can reduce this by as much as 60%.

An Effective Thermal Barrier

While glass has many good properties, insulation isn’t one of them, and the more glass areas you have the more heat you will lose. Cavity wall insulation will reduce heat loss through the walls, and with good loft insulation, that only leaves the windows to be insulated. Any expert will tell you that secondary glazing helps insulate your home, and with customised solutions, the system can be perfectly tailored to suit the home.

Energy Conservation

Green practices promote energy conservation, and it makes little sense to allow a majority of your heat to dissipate through the windows. A typical two story home will lost at least 10% of the generated heat through the glass surfaces, and with secondary glazing, you can dramatically reduce that to negligible levels. Unlike replacement windows, which cost an arm and a leg, secondary glazing is an inexpensive way to insulate your home, and with a range of opening styles, your existing opening style will not be compromised.

Professional Installation

If you deal with an established supplier, they will make the units to fit your windows and the finished job will complement the home, while saving you money every year from thereon in. The company would send a surveyor to accurately measure up for precise manufacturing, with the average home completed within a single day.

Summer Options

Most people do not use their secondary glazing in the summer, and with units that are easy to remove, you can safely store them until the cold weather approaches. If you would rather leave the units where they are, easy openings ensure smooth operation, and the units can be closed to alleviate noise whenever necessary.

Long Term Benefits

The initial cost of installing the secondary glazing is offset by the constant savings on the winter fuel bills, and after a few years, you have managed to recoup your initial investment, and everything is profit from thereon in. Secondary glazing will add value to the property, as it is regarded as a major home improvement, and as time goes by, the added benefits will soon become apparent. Condensation can be a problem in the winter and secondary glazing reduces this considerably, and with the added security of an extra pane of glass, your home is protected from intruders.

Saving energy at home is always something to strive towards, and if your windows are causing major heat loss, it might be an idea to remedy this with secondary glazing, a cost effective way to reduce energy consumption by providing more insulation.