How Smoking Affects your Oral Health

How Smoking Affects your Oral Health

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You may have heard that smoking and chewing tobacco products can seriously affect your oral health. If you smoke, it is a good idea to visit a spa dentaire Laurier for an oral treatment.  Smoking can cause the following dental and oral issues.

Teeth discoloration

Smoking can cause the teeth to turn yellowish because of the tar and nicotine in tobacco products. Whitening stained teeth can be difficult, depending on how long they have been exposed to stain-causing chemicals contained in tobacco products. Because of such exposure, the enamel of the teeth will weaken, causing the stain to be set deeper into the teeth.

Bad Breath

Whenever a person smokes, thousands of chemicals pass through the oral cavity and a lot of them are collected on the mouth’s surfaces. Also, smoking causes dry mouth which leads to bad breath. In fact, a dry mouth can trigger gum infections and sinuses irritation that can lead to post-nasal drip.

Rotting Teeth

Tobacco products contain chemicals which can weaken the protective enamel of the teeth. This leaves the teeth susceptible to destructive substances such as acids and bacteria. When the teeth lose these protective layers, the substances will rot the teeth down. A rotting tooth is quite painful and can lead to loosening of the tooth that requires removal. Also, the rotting of the teeth can result in infections that cause even bigger problems.

Gum Disease

Smoking results in a lack of oxygen in the blood that the body needs to combat infections. Also, a decrease in oxygen level results in a weakened immune system that makes the mouth vulnerable to infections. Therefore, there will be a buildup of bacteria that may also infiltrate the gums. These bacteria can destroy gum flesh which can then cause the teeth to fall out as the gums serve to anchor teeth in place. Over time, a gum disease can cause the bones and surrounding flesh to break down.

Oral Cancer

Tobacco products are carcinogenic. They contain chemicals can cause oral cancer. This type of cancer takes many forms such as bleeding, unexplained bumps, difficulty swallowing, pain and numbness. Oral cancer in people who smoke may take place on the floor of the mouth or side of the tongue. It is important to see a dentist for the right treatment that includes tooth extraction, radiotherapy or surgery.

Change in Taste and Smell

Those who smoke on a regular basis will experience an altered taste and smell. Because of this, they may add more sugar or salt to their food in an attempt to achieve the desired taste. Studies have shown that about 1 in 5 smokers don’t have a precise smell and taste.

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