Dental Implant Dentist – Tips To Choose the Right Dental Specialist

Dental Implant Dentist – Tips To Choose the Right Dental Specialist

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Have you decided to go for dental implant? You would have made this decision only after analyzing all its benefits. The biggest problem about dental implant is choosing the right dentist. All general dentists can deem themselves to be implant dentists. It is very important that you choose a good dental implant expert if you want the best results.

How to select the right dental implant expert?

To get the best Clinique implants dentaires you need the services of a good dental implant dentist. To find the best one, you should follow a few tips.

Tip #1

Right training

You will be shocked to find that many dentists take one day course or two day course in dental implant and start practicing. You should avoid these dentists. You should make sure that the dentist has completed at least one-year ADA accredited program in dental implant.

Tip #2

Advanced technology

Find if the dentist who has advanced technology equipment like digital x-rays, lasers, software, Piezotome technology, monitors and cameras etc. You are given anesthesia before dental implant procedure is done. Find out what type of anesthesia is offered by the dentist.

Tip #3


Dental implants are customized to fit the patient. The size varies from one patient to another. You can expect to get the best fit only if the dentist is experienced in dental implant procedure.

Tip #4

Before and after photos

You can judge the competence of the dentist only if you are shown ‘before and after’ photos of the previous cases. It is the success stories that are proofs for the competence of dentists.

Tip #5

Success rate

Find out about the success rate of your dentist in dental implants before going for the procedure. A dentist with more than 95% success rate is a better choice.

Where to look for the best dental implant dentist?

  • Browse the internet. An intensive and patient search will surely help you.
  • Ask your friends.
  • Ask reviews from other patients of the dentist. Word of mouth reviews are always more reliable than online reviews.
  • You can also search for the right dentist from dental magazines.

A dentist whose office is close to your home or office is preferable because dental implant will surely need multiple visits. A friendly staff is also very important to make you feel comfortable. Choose the right dental implant dentist because you always deserve the best.