6 Wonders of Tea Tree Oil

6 Wonders of Tea Tree Oil

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Melaleuca oil is also known as tea tree oil. It is a yellowish colored essential oil made from plant leaves of melaleuca. Tea tree oil is known for its powerful cleansing properties. Melaleuca is an Australian native plant and has been used throughout Australia for at least the past hundred years. Tree oil is used for rejuvenating skin and for cleansing. Let’s have a look at some of the uses for doTERRA tea tree oil.

Uses of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of those essential oils that has extensively been researched on. There are numerous uses of tea tree oil, from making homemade cleaning products to applying it on the skin.

1.    Tea tree oil for Skin

Considering its powerful cleansing properties, tea tree oil is considered the most effective home remedies for skin blemishes. One of the most common uses for tea tree oil is in skin care and all sorts of cosmetic products. Add two spoons of honey with five drops of tea tree oil and you have your face wash ready.

2.    Tea tree oil for hair& scalp

It has proven beneficial for hair and scalp care. It helps clean hair and soothes the scalp.  To make homemade tea tree oil shampoo all you need to do is mix several drops of tea oil with Aloe Vera gel, coconut milk, and lavender oil which is optional.

3.    For cleaning purpose

Another one of the many fantastic uses for tea tree oil is as a household cleaner. The powerful properties present in it enable it to purify your home. All you need to do is, mix a few drops of the tea tree oil with water, vinegar, and a few drops of lemon oil and it is ready to be used on your kitchen appliances and counter tops even bathroom sinks.

4.    Tea tree oil deodorant

It reduces body odor. You can make the tea tree oil deodorant at home by mixing it with coconut oil and baking soda.

5.    For skin irritations

When mixed with lavender oil, it is the perfect homemade remedy to reduce blemishes or irritations for skin. You apply the paste and cover it.

6.    Toothpaste for Oral Health

Another one of the uses for tea tree oil is as a mouthwash. The purifying properties help it as a mouth rinse and breath fresher. Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil and baking soda and your homemade toothpaste is ready to use.

Using tea tree oil is in fact, the most suitable and conventional for skin. Just by adding five spoons of tea tree oil and one spoon of almond oil you can maintain a hydrated and glowing skin.

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